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Why not check out our vast range of Traditional Prosumer Machines from Lelit the Guru's of Italian Coffee or if ease of use is more your thing how about the wonderful world of Nivona The Bean to Cup specialists and world leaders for the home and office

We stock the complete range of both with various machine set up in our office ready for you to come in and have a play, ideal if your unsure of what you want and want genuine helpful advice

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Try out these tasty treats 3 x 100g single origin whole bean indulgence -  Columbia / Sumatra & Costa Rica all for just £9.99, pop in to collect yours and enjoy a free cup of coffee on us!  If you're not local to our showroom but interested, drop us an email to  or call us on 01778 426610

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Drip Brewed Coffee - Filtered / Pour Over Coffees


Made by letting hot water drip onto coffee grounds held in a coffee filter surrounded by a filter holder or brew basket, Drip Brew makers can be simple filter holder types manually filled with hot water, or they can use automated systems as found in the popular electric drip system (Filter Coffee Machines) The strength varies according to the ratio of water to coffee and the fineness of the grind. Another variation is the now in vogue Cold Brew Coffee (Cold Press) Where cold water is poured over the coffee grinds allowing for brewing times of typically 8 - 24 hours, this produces a strong concentrated coffee that then can be diluted to suit taste.  

Espresso based Coffee & Coffee Machines


Espresso is made by the forcing of hot water between 91-95'C under pressure of between 8 and 18 bars (at point of extraction) this is forced through he "puck" (compacted finely ground coffee) , served in demitasse cups / glasses. Traditionally it was served during the day by street vendors, now more normal is as a post meal boost. However do have in mind that the Espresso is the basis for many other drinks. It is one of the most concentrated forms of coffee regularly consumed, with its distinct strong flavour held in by the rich crema (the layer of thick creaminess that sits on the top of a good espresso) this is built up of emulsified oils in the form of a colloidal foam floating on the surface, this is produced by the high pressure, it is sustained longer when the beans are fresher.   

What is it about the extraction?


Proper brewing of coffee requires using the correct amount of coffee grounds, extracted to the correct degree (largely determined by the correct time), at the correct temperature.  More technically, coffee brewing consists of dissolving soluble flavours from the coffee grounds in water.  All coffee is about finding the right balance for you, from the bean - roast - grind - strength - temperature - ratio's with each step having a dramatic effect on the outcome of the flavour.